Oil Spills Clean Up


RAM EUROPE is involved in the field of oil-spill clean up.


Under PAVE 2000, the research under materialization is financed concerning the "Protection of beaches from oil pollution by use of technology CLEANMAG - Manufacture of prototype vehicle for spreading and collecting absorbent material CLEANMAG in polluted beaches".

RAM EUROPE participated as partner in the research project of TEI of Piraeus (Technological Education Institute) for developing the boat for collecting oil spills from the sea by use of the Magnetic Method CLEANMAG, on the frame of LIFE 99 project (ENV/GR/567) of the EU, entitled: "Demonstration and large-scale application of the new magnetic method CLEANMAG for the clean up of waterborne oil spills".

CLEANMAG is a new material for the clean up of the waterborne oil spills and is based on the magnetic separation method. CLEANMAG is an oil absorbing material in the form of granules, with magnetic capacities. This method is applied by spreading the material over the oil spill (by aerial or naval means) and can be collected by using anti-pollution boats, which are equipped with magnetic conveyor belts.

The oil is immediately sorbed upon contact with the material CLEANMAG, while the granules are aggregated together due to their magnetic interaction. A concrete material is in such a way created which is floating on the water surface and can be collected even days after the incident.



Research Program for the Study and Design of Prototype
Machine for Collection Cleanmag on Sea-shore

In cooperation with TEI of Piraeus (Technological Education Institute) we test a new method of oil spill anti-pollution CLEANMAG. This new method is based on the principles of magnetic separation of various objects.

The new technology is applied as follows:
In the first place, the oil spill must reach the neighboring coastal areas. Following, the beaches under threat will be covered with a layer of special magnetized material named as CLEANMAG. The quantity of oil washed ashore will be immediately sorbed by CLEANMAG. The sorbed oil will remain on the beach surface until it is collected by a special beach cleaning machine.


Method of spreading CLEANMAG

In order to begin with the manufacture of the prototype machine for collecting CLEANMAG, we consider the following:

1. The situation of a given beach.
2. The capacities of CLEANMAG laying.
3. The thickness, width and placement of the laying.
4. The new method of magnetic separation.
5. The standard beach cleaning method applied by our company.
6. The ways of spreading CLEANMAG on sea-shore.

Our company has the experience as well as the know-how in the manufacture of rubber crawled machines with hydraulic motion. The beach cleaning machine BEACH TRACK MULTI is considered to be the most appropriate model for hard working conditions.

The basic machine consists of the following parts:

1. Machine base
2. Rubbers with a complete drive system.
3. Operator's cab.
4. Internal combustion engine.
5. Hydraulic circuit.

Machine for collecting CLEANMAG



Rubber crawled machine BEACH TRACK MULTI

Following studies and continuous research carried out by R&D, our company presents the expansion of capacities displayed by this machines using a variety of attachments, even an attachment of autoload, which aim at the highest possible fulfillment of needs that occur in the global market.

This is a new machine-carrier with many capacities, such as bi-directional operation on any type of ground, which is predisposed to accept different attachments to cover particular needs. Such predispositions regard quick coupling plates and taps for hydraulic connections with quick joints for mounting different attachments.

Due to its geometry as well as the use of rubbers, the vehicle is ideal for operation on impassable area or sandy, muddy and covered with snow surfaces. Its dimensions make it extremely flexible so as to be used both inside and outside cities.

The attachments that can be mounted on the basic machine are listed below:

1. Beach cleaning machines.
1.1 Attachment BEACH 190 (mod. BEACH TRACK MULTI 1.9
1.2 Attachment BEACH 210 (mod. BEACH TRACK MULTI 2.1).
1.3 Suction attachment RV-300.
1.4 Seaweed collection attachment.
2. Attachment BTM AUTOLOAD for OIL SPILLS.
3. Container ΚΜ 150.
4. Snowplough blade and salt spreader.
5. Water tank FFU 1650.
6. Grass cutting attachment.

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