Research & Development

The machines produced by RAM EUROPE are innovative and, for this reason, the company operates a Research and Development (R&D) Department for developing new products and producing prototype machines.
The development of new machines starts from their design-simulation via PC and continues with the production of the prototype and the testing-checking in places simulating the beach and in real condition-real beaches.

Some of RAM EUROPE research efforts have been financed by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT), under the PAVET Research Program, such as:

A) In November 1987, the GSRT of the Ministry of Development approved the research proposal of RAM EUROPE with the subject: "Methods of dehumidation, desiccation-compaction of cotton with seed and improvement of its quality". The project was financed in 1988 and the construction of the industrial prototype was financed by the same source in 1989.

B) Under PAVET 1996, the research effort for rubber crawled beach cleaning vehicles was financed, with the title: "Manufacture of multi purpose beach cleaning machine".

C) Under PAVET 2000, a research still in progress is financed concerning the
"Protection of beaches from oil pollution by use of technology CLEANMAG-manufacture of prototype vehicle for spreading & collecting absorbent material CLEANMAG in polluted beaches".

The development of new products with self-financed research has developed as follows:

• Study-manufacture of special beach cleaning attachments.
• Development of new machines for biomass processing.
• Early production of fiber optics.

• Study-manufacture of sand cleaning attachments.
• Early production of towed sand cleaning machines.

• Study-manufacture of suction type beach cleaning machines for beaches with rocks and pebbles.
• Early production of hand-driven beach cleaning machines.

Towed beach cleaning machine ROTO BEACH 2.0 with waste bucket capacity 3 m3.

Municipal multi purpose rubber crawled vehicle for every type of ground.

Towed beach cleaning machine with rotary waste collection bucket with capacity 4 m3.

Towed beach cleaning machines for small agricultural tractors.

Special rubber crawled beach cleaning vehicle with waste collection all widthwise the rubber.



Today, the company has a great experience and infinite abilities regarding the development of new products-machines or special constructions which are not present in the market and constitute special orders of our clients.

In addition, we participated as partner in the Research Program of the Piraeus Technological Education Institute for the development of a boats that collects oil spills in the sea by use of the Magnetic Method CLEANMAG under the program LIFE 99ENV/GR/567, entitled as follows:



'Demonstration & large scale application of the new magnetic method "CLEANMAG" for the clean up of waterborn oil spills'.
Under the said program, a small anti-pollution boat was manufactured suitable for use in shallow areas and small ports and bays. A prototype anti-pollution boat was also constructed.

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