The group's sales performance both in the Greek and International markets has been very positive. By way of an example, we mention the following:

Sales in Greece

• Contract with the Greek Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Devolution, 534 vehicles and attachments for Greek Municipalities
An international tender of the Ministry of the Interior, of Public Administration and Devolution (1998), which saw the participation of five (5) Greek and foreign companies and concerned the supply of multipurpose vehicles with attachments to be provided to the Kapodistrian Municipalities, was won by RAM EUROPE.
• 190 beach cleaning machines for Greek Prefectures
More than 40 (forty) international tenders for the supply of beach cleaners (tracked, towed, manual etc) have been organised by Greek Prefectures and Municipalities and all contracts have been awarded to RAM EUROPE.
• 10 Fire-fighting vehicles to the Local Association of Attica Municipalities and Communities (TEDKNA)
Following the carrying out of the relevant tender, our company signed a contract and supplied the Local Association of Attica Municipalities and Communities (TEDKNA) with ten (10) MITSUBISHI L200 CLUB-CAB PICK-UP 4X4 vehicles with O.ZETA CLES fire-fighting equipment.
• Sales of refuse collecting vehicles to the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
Beyond the other sales of refuse collectors, our company signed in 2006 a contract with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation for the supply of superstructures for the refuse collection vehicles RPM10, press type, mounted on IVECO chassis.
• Contract with the Ministry of the Interior, of Public Administration and Devolution for the supply of 39 Earthmoving machines to Greek Prefectures
RAM EUROPE, following the relevant tender, signed in 2006 a contract with the Greek Ministry of the Interior for the supply for thirty nine (39) HYUNDAI loaders type HL 757-7, to be supplied to Prefectural Authorities. The delivery took place in combination with a demonstration and training of the operators on the functioning and potential of the loaders.

• Sales in the sector of telecommunications (optical fibre equipment)
Since 1990, our company is the official supplier of the Greek Telecommunications Authority of (OTE); it has indeed provided the aforementioned authority with a multipurpose vehicle AMBIENTE, with optical fibres laying equipment, trailer for the transport of cable drums, cable cutting machine, optical fibre winding equipment, optical fibre networks excavators and "robots".


Sales abroad

• Snow clearing machines to Turkey

At the beginning of 2006, RAM EUROPE, showing once more its ability to successfully develop innovative environmental management products, it manufactured AMBIENTE Snow Cutter. The major acknowledgment of the new machine came from the Turkish Army, which opted for the Greek origin Snow clearing machine AMBIENTE Snow Cutter, following a tender in which many leader-companies of the sector participated.

• 19 superstructures of bin washing machines in Kuwait.

In fall 2005, RAM EUROPE provided three different companies with 19 superstructures of bin washing machines in Kuwait. The cooperation with the Kuwaiti companies has had a fruitful development ever since.

• Sales of beach cleaners in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

Seven beach cleaning machines have been supplied so far to companies in Kuwait. Our synergies with Arab countries has not stopped there: a considerable number of beach cleaners has already been delivered to Abu Dhabi, mirroring the dynamics and potential of our company.

• 12 Multiple Purpose Vehicles AMBIENTE with attachments, as well as beach cleaners delivered to the Romanian OLFLAV IMPEX S.r.l.

Even though our cooperation with OLFLAV IMPEX S.r.l. is quite recent, the Romanian company demonstrates tangibly its capabilities: it has already sold twelve RAM EUROPE machines on the occasion of public and private sector tenders, which gives rise to quite optimistic prospects for the future.

• 15 Beach Cleaning Machines sold in Andalusia, Spain.

An international tender has been called in the Region of Andalusia for the supply of 15 beach cleaners addressed to local Municipalities. The tender, in which five companies participated (1 American, 1 German, 2 Spanish and RAM EUROPE) was won by our company.

By way of conclusion, we should emphasize that a great number of machines has been sold in other countries, such as Italy, Japan, Australia, Cyprus, China and to other Greek authorities, increasing the overall number of machines distributed to date approximately to 3.500 items. In particular, during the latest years, the machines supplied have been::

  • 300 Multiple Purpose Vehicles ΑΜΒΙΕΝΤΕ with attachments.
  • 200 Beach Cleaning Machines.
  • 40 RAM ITALIA Backhoe Loaders.
  • 30 Refuse collectors.
  • Press Containers.
  • Fixed or mobile waste transfer stations.
  • Shredders for bulky objects.



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