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» Multipurpose 4X4 vehicle
» Vehicle with metal work chamber
» Vehicle with metal work chamber
» Cable drum carrier RAM 5500
» CABLE RAM 4.0 cable stripping and cutting machine
» PLUMETAZZ cable pulling machine


» Stalk cutters – Shredders
» RAM 30S
» RAM 50S
» RAM 80S


Multipurpose 4X4 vehicle

The vehicle has the smallest possible external dimensions, thus giving it the flexibility to maneuver, so that it can move comfortably and without any problem during the execution of the installation, stripping and cutting of cables.


Vehicle with metal work chamber

The vehicle has a metal work chamber at the back of which there are two opening doors at the rear end. There is reinforced door support on both the floor and the body, complete sound and thermal insulation.



Vehicle with metal work chamber

Multi-purpose 4X4 vehicle with a metal work chamber, with a mechanism for placing cables, a force measuring system, a mechanism for stripping and cutting cables and a carriage for transporting cable drums.


Cable drum carrier RAM 5500

The stretcher with mechanism for transporting cables RAM 5500 manufactured by our company is specially made for transporting cable drums.




CABLE RAM 4.0 cable stripping and cutting machine

The mechanism for stripping and cutting old cables CABLE RAM 4.0 is of advanced technology and is used for the automatic pulling and cutting of obsolete cables up to 100mm located inside underground pipelines and networks.


PLUMETAZZ cable pulling machine

The cable pulling mechanism is of modern technology and suitable for installation in vehicles. Specifically, it is placed on a suitable frame on the vehicle in a special position.



Stalk cutters – Shredders


For: cotton-corn-branches-sunflower-tomato-tobacco-wheat-asparagus-greens.


RAM EUROPE, responding to the needs of agriculture especially in the cotton sector and using as always advanced technology, has created special one, two and three rotor stalk cutters.



• Required power: 50-70 HP
Cutting width: 160 cm
• Working width: 220 cm
• 2 adjustable wheels
• Sturdy and heavy construction
• 1 rotating head with 3 double knives
 Detail of his knife
cutting system

• Required power: 33 -55 HP
Cutting width: 160 cm
• Working width: 220 cm

Oil tank with a capacity of 9 lt

Variable cutting height through
adjustable wheels
• A. Rotating heads with 4 rotating knives
• B. Adjustable wheels
• C. Fixed side blades for better cutting effect
• Connection in 3 points of the agricultural tractor
• Drive transmission via P.T.O. at 540 rpm
Oil tunk
• Central or lateral position

• Required power: 80 110 HP
Cutting width: 250 cm
Transmission boxes
enriched in oil tank
capacity 14 lt

Adjustable cutting height via
rotating rubber wheels