Staff training


RAM EUROPE invests in the continuous training and updating of its staff, but also in every sale of equipment, it provides a complete program training of equipment operators.

With the correct training of the operators, the maximum efficiency of the equipment and the work performed is achieved, unnecessary wear and damage to each machine/equipment is avoided, as well as accidents during work due to poor handling.

The training lasts as long as required and as many people (operators-maintainers) as are designated and indicated by the customer are trained. The training is done at the responsibility and expense of the company and the training material is in the Greek language.

After initially giving an introduction to the terminology, the sub-sections are presented and analyzed:



  • Familiarity with the offered machine
  •  Basic knowledge of engineering
  •  Familiarity with machine and nomenclature


  • Lubrication methods
  • Lubrication of the various parts
  • Suitable lubricants


  •  General maintenance and periodic maintenance of the offered machine
  •   Gauges
  •   It mentions the maintenance procedure based on the manufacturer's instructions, tools, instruments, spare parts, lubricants or consumables, direct spare parts and other materials that the machine must be equipped with, etc.
  •  Daily control, which will include daily procedure and way of checking the machine before and after performing the tasks.
  • Maintenance planning, maintenance record keeping.
  • Preparation for long-term storage.



·        Fault finding – causes of faults

·        Settings

·        Minor repairs


·        Causes of accidents

·        Precautions

·        Insurance provisions - measures for security against
the labour


Training is accompanied by concurrent reporting
in the user - maintenance - repair manuals of its manufacturer
offered machine. 

The theoretical training is followed by practical training
operators on the equipment.