Multiporpuse Machine Ambiente

The AMBIENTE multipurpose vehicle has unique featuresIt was designed and built with the main objective of serving operators who have to deal with a wide variety of tasks, but with short durations.

The use of specialized machines to perform these tasks is unprofitable since it requires large sums of money for their acquisition and does not ensure their depreciation, since their working time is short. On the contrary, AMBIENTE, with significantly lower costs for the acquisition of dependencies, can be used throughout the year and deals with problems that are observed periodically or seasonally.


The AMBIENTE multipurpose vehicle is modular. A central rigid joint connects the two half-frames of the vehicle. This property allows him to be very flexible.

AMBIENTE has the possibility of two-way driving. The process of changing the driving direction is simple and short.

The AMBIENTE multipurpose vehicle can accept and work with over sixty (60) different attachments.

Switch Dependencies
Many vehicles are marketed as "multi-purpose" because they are either produced in different forms (eg fire engine, sweeper, etc.) or can accept a relatively small number of attachments.

Motion Transmission System
The drive transmission is done hydrostatically on all four wheels. The hydrostatic system consists of a hydraulic pump with variable delivery, a hydraulic motor with a two-speed reducer and the handling and control devices

The AMBIENTE multipurpose vehicle has been designed and built exclusively as a carrier of various accessories. Thus it can accept over fifty (50) different dependencies and respond to a large number of tasks.


Coastal cleaning

Dependence cleaning sand

Attaches to the rear of the utility vehicle. It is specially designed to simultaneously perform pre-cleaning, cleaning and finishing operations, achieving great work efficiency and cleaning depth.

Precleaning dependency

The attachment has a working width of 2.50m. It stirs the sand to a depth of up to 20cm and brings covered waste to the surface, most of which, especially the large ones, it collects in piles for loading and transport. With hydraulic adjustments of its position. It does not move the sand.


Loading bucket attachment


The attachment has a working width of 2.20m. It has the ability to collect surface or even covered waste and load it into a vehicle for transport.

Suction attachment 

Adapted to AMBIENTE and driven by the power take-off (R.T.O). With strong suction and a flexible directional tube, it sucks up dirt from shores with pebbles, rocks, etc. and pneumatically transports them to their collection bin.

Forestry work


Tank of various capacities (from 1700 to 3000 lit). Equipped with a two-stage high pressure pump, two discharge tubes with beam adjustment, a 1” hose reel 30 m long and the necessary arrangements for filling the tank from external water sources, etc.

Μεταφορά Ξυλείας 

Special grabs that easily fit on loader and excavator arms. Suitable for lifting and transporting logs and other forest products.

Clearing dense vegetation 

Made by HYMACH type TDH 600 LT/SP/PS, with two articulated and one telescopic section. Span length 6.0 m, head width 1.20 m.

Forest winch

Equipment for hauling and transporting logs. Traction force 5000 to 6000 Kg. 12 mm wire rope 100 m long.


Asphalt cutters 

They are easy to adjust and move hydraulically. Many types for various working widths and depths.

Asphalt compaction roller

It is adapted to the arms of the loader and moves hydraulically. Vibrating with 2500 vibrations per minute, it exerts a compressive force of 3000 Kg on the ground.

Vibrating soil compactor 

The equipment consists of three vibrating plates with a surface of 905mmx850mm each. Total working width 2550mm.


It is placed on the front base of the vehicle. It achieves hole diameters from 120 to 400 mm and depths up to 2400 mm without the use of extensions.


Structural - Construction projects

Basic dependencies

Bucket washer

It is easily adapted to the AMBIENTE vehicle and moves hydraulically from its facilities. Automated and adjustable operation for inside-outside washing and disinfection of all standard sizes of waste bins. Water tank with a bilateral capacity of 1200lt and a dirt tank of the same capacity. All tanks and washing area made of stainless steel. With each tank filling, washing autonomy 80 / 100 buckets.

Suction sweeper

Sweeper type SA 250 of Italian origin. High performance suitable for cleaning for cleaning streets, squares, flower beds and wells. With a front telescopic and two rear rotating brushes and powerful suction nozzle. Waste collection bin capacity 2.50m³, sprinkler system on the brushes with a water tank of over 1000lt. Cleaning width 2.00m. Possibilities of cleaning wells and washing road signs, etc. All its functions are done hydraulically by AMBIENTE.