Jumbo Track Multi

The JUMBO TRACK MULTI vehicle took part voluntarily and successfully in the firefighting of the big fires in our country.

In the fires of 2007:

In the region of Aegion he actively contributed to the forest firefighting operation of the region.

In the area of Kalenzio and Soulinari, Corinth 

 In Ancient Olympia where he caught and extinguished the fire a few minutes before it destroyed the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia.


In the fires of 2021:

He operated effectively in the fires of Attica, Varybompi, Krioneri, Stamata, Vilia and saved many houses from destruction as well as in the fires of North Evia. 

On Duty..

“We, the people of RAM EUROPE, a company with a deep sense of ecological consciousness and sensitivity, could not turn a blind eye to this massive ecological disaster. Our offer, although small compared to the size of the offer of the official and also voluntary forest firefighting agencies, we hope to become an example for all of us".
Mr. Theodoros Renzos
The President and CEO of the Company