Service Parts

In capital RAM EUROPE in Orchomenos of Viotia, the facilities of the central service are located.
The central service is housed in an independent space, fully organized, which occupies a total area of 1,000 m2. It is housed in a privately owned building RAM EUROPE along with the storage and spare parts areas.

In particular, the central service is located opposite the building of its machinery production RAM EUROPE and includes all areas and facilities for maintenance, repair, technical support of all levels.

A monitoring register is kept for each machine where all maintenance and repair work is recorded.

After Sales

RAM EUROPE provides technical support - service for all the machines - parts available on the market. For this purpose it has organized:

  • Specially equipped and manned workshop in its facilities
  • Network of authorized partner workshops throughout the country
  • Mobile service for immediate technical support in any part of Greece

The workshop network extends to 40 areas throughout Greece and each workshop has spare parts and specially trained staff.


The company also has trucks and smaller vehicles for the immediate technical support of its machines at the point of failure or for transporting them to the nearest repair shop. This mobile workshop consists of 22 vehicles ranging from ¾ ton to 40 tons, for 1st to 3rd grade repairs.


At the company headquarters, there are separate facilities for maintenance - repair - technical support of all levels. Those responsible for the service are specialized maintenance engineers, who are constantly trained in Greece and abroad, by the companies manufacturing the machines. A monitoring register is kept for each machine, where all maintenance and repair work is recorded. The parts warehouse contains 4,500 part codes.

Workshop network:

RAM EUROPE has a network of 40 collaborating garages throughout Greece. These garages have a full inventory of the spare parts that are necessary to carry out the maintenance and repair work and are connected to the CENTRAL SERVICE on a twenty-four-hour basis.

If a regional workshop is found to be lacking a spare part, before it is needed, the central warehouse is notified and the spare part is sent so that it is available when needed.

Also in the authorized workshops, the staff are specially trained to deal with the maintenance of all machines and accessories and are fully manned.


Transport possibilities - Mobile service
During the period of the good operation guarantee, faults are repaired either at the central workshop or at the authorized workshops or with the help of mobile service. In cases where the damage is such that the machine cannot be moved safely, it is transported at RAM EUROPE's expense to the nearest workshop or to the central one if deemed necessary.

We point out that the provision of any kind of service takes place within 48 hours of the relevant notification from RAM EUROPE.

RAM EUROPE has trucks and lighter vehicles properly equipped to carry out repairs, correct faults on site, quickly transport machines to workshops (central or affiliated) and the ability to access any part of Greece. These vehicles are presented below.

More specifically, the mobile workshop consists of:

• Units 2 – 3/4 ton semi-trucks, for grade A repairs.
• Units 4 – 1.1 ton closed type mini vans for grade A repairs and service.
• Units 3 – 3.5-ton closed-type VAN cars, fully equipped mobile workshops for second-grade repairs and service.
• Pieces 1 – VAN car, 5 tons, closed type for second grade repairs and service.
• Units 1 – truck, 5 tons, open type for second-grade repairs and service
• Units 2 – 14 & 11 ton crane trucks for grade 3 repairs
• Blocks 5 – 40 ton, 17.7 ton, 16 ton, 13.7 ton and 8 ton transport trucks for grade 3 repairs.
• Units 1 – 16 ton truck, with a 2-deck machine train after accessories, for grade 3 repairs.